Ninja skills

Building Bridges had a great impact on the lives of youngsters by using four important values: transformation, empathy, empowerment and justice. Starting from the last value, Adriano, one of the animators trained during this project, proposed us to play an interesting game: Ninja. The game was a very good example of “learning to learn”. Through this activity, we gained new social and kinesthetic skills.

Flexibility in movement and thinking, cooperation and tolerance are some of the most important skills we achieved. We were able to mix fun with work and still keep in mind our objectives. 

Being a ninja was not an easy task to fulfill so, in the end, certain young people were sucked out of energy. However, the more experienced trainers of the project succeeded in keeping their energy till the end of the day. They have proved us that experience is hard to replace, regardless of the field in which it is used.

Alina Profir – project assistant in EIVA Association